New Year New Life

by baladmin | January 8, 2014

The new year ushers in all sorts of ideas to improve ourselves and begin again. Not withstanding, a choice to pursue a sober life is probably one of the most important resolutions we can ever make for ourselves.

At Balboa Horizons we are fortunate to witness the miracles that result when our clients decide to get sober. The decision is the first step, now action is required.

Most of us have heard the story of the two frogs on the log who decided to jump in the lake. We are then asked how many frogs are in the lake, but the answer is none, because they only made a decision to jump in.

If you have made a decision to embark on a new and sober life in the year 2014, let us help you put that decision into action. Call Balboa Horizons today for more information, and Happy New Year!