New Recovery Programs Specifically for Men

by baladmin | July 14, 2012

Opening August 2012

Balboa Horizons Recovery Services is pleased to announce our new drug and alcohol treatment program designed exclusively for men 18 years of age and older.  With years of experience treating substance abuse, Balboa Horizons has developed a comprehensive treatment program that addresses addiction along with co-occurring mental health diagnoses commonly found in men.  Our gender-specific program incorporates elements important to our clients and their families, including:

  • Quality clinical services
  • Experienced multidisciplinary staff
  • Comprehensive continuum of care
  • Family involvement in treatment
  • Recovery support and relapse prevention

At Balboa Horizons, we teach our clients how to live a substance-free life while pursuing their dreams and goals.  Our recovery centers, located on the coast in Newport Beach, CA and the surrounding beach communities, help to inspire change while our expert staff provides clients the tools they need to transform their lives.

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