Men’s Rehab Program at Balboa Horizons

by baladmin | January 15, 2013

Balboa Horizons is private, confidential, friendly and professional program comprised of comfortable residential homes and the Center.  The Center is the hub of Balboa Horizons, where counseling, academic and career planning, meetings, and social time occur.  Clients benefit from each other’s experiences and the support that comes from a group therapeutic setting.

Our program is structured from a daily schedule perspective — not a lot of down time to just hang out.  However, daily fitness and recreational events are always built in.  Studies show that participating in long groups for most of the day during early recovery is not effective.  Information is simply not retained.  Balance in life is the objective; therefore our program teaches and implements this philosophy. The men that participate in our program are good people who have been off track for some time.  The goal is to re-introduce them to a core set of values many were raised with, while helping them accept who they are now and encourage success for the future.