Men At Work

by baladmin | July 28, 2013

“Being in treatment at Balboa Horizons helped me realize the way I had been thinking and living was killing me and hurting the people I loved. Through group and individual therapy and a twelve step program they introduced me to, I learned how to challenge my thinking and share my feelings with a trusted support group. Seeing that they were staying sober through the same fears and challenges I was experiencing reinforced my hope and motivation.”


Morgan L., a Balboa Horizons Alum, shares his experience in the men’s addiction treatment program.

When it’s time to get sober and change your life, it is worth finding a place that best suits your needs. Gender-specific treatment is paving the way for an even more individualized approach to recovery.

At Balboa Horizons, clients like Morgan in the men’s addiction treatment program learn the benefit of balance. The first few days and weeks cannot be full of information and constant learning. Instead, clients are introduced to topics and to individual and group therapy, but then also gain exposure to new ways of having fun without substances.

A core set of values that may have been lost in their life of active addiction, is reintroduced. Men get an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and with peers. Similar life situations that lead to rehab bring clients together in the men’s addiction treatment program at Balboa Horizons.

A structured schedule is balanced with bits of free time each day for exercise and other activities.

Meditation and goal-setting then a workout start the treatment day. Next it’s onto process group with your peers followed by lunch. Another set of group sessions (topic varying each day), step work, dinner, and a 12 Step Meeting round out the men’s addiction treatment program day.

Knowing what will happen the next day may seem boring to people used to an unpredictable life, but that’s all part of learning how to live a life without drugs, alcohol, and the behaviors that come with the culture.

What really sets the men’s program at Balboa Horizons apart is the focus on creating a new life of balance. Learning to set goals, change your diet, incorporate exercise (if it has been missing from your life), challenge yourself, challenge one another, be held accountable for your actions, take feedback from your peers, allow others to support you, and also enjoy the outdoor activities offered by the beach setting of Balboa’s men’s addiction treatment program.

Check into it today for yourself, or for an addicted man in your life who needs a change! Like Morgan L., recovery is possible.