Justin Bieber was reportedly questioned at Los Angeles International Airport

by baladmin | April 26, 2014

Justin Bieber was reportedly questioned at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday,
E! News reports.

The Canadian pop star was flying back from Japan and was questioned by customs officials upon his return, according to X17.

As TMZ points out, “We’re told it’s standard ops for anyone with a record like Bieber’s — and doesn’t mean he’s getting arrested for anything.” According to sources at the Los Angeles Times, he “was being questioned by officials, but no formal action had yet been taken.”

Bieber is scheduled to go on trial this summer for charges of driving under the influence in Miami, and is awaiting trial for a misdemeanor assault charge in Toronto.

Problem Drinkers Drive Drunk

History has shown that when a person is arrested for DUI, they typically have driven many times before that while under the influence.  This time they just got caught.  Drinking and driving is not an activity that normal people engage in. Normal is a word used to describe people who are not problem drinkers in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Possible Outcome of Trial

Depending on the outcome of his trial and if tried in Drug Court, Bieber will most likely be ordered to attend alcohol rehab, face possible suspension of driving privileges, time in jail, and/or probation. DUI arrests are very typical of someone who is a problem drinker and many recovered alcoholics can recite stories of being arrested while driving under the influence. Many have been arrested more than once.

Drug Court

The jails and prisons are filled with alcoholics and drug addicts who are suffering with a disease. Drug courts are specially designed court calendars that provide an alternative to traditional criminal justice prosecution for non violent drug-related offenses. These courts combine close judicial oversight and monitoring with probation supervision and substance abuse treatment services.

The goals of these programs are:

1. reduce recidivism and substance abuse among substance abusing offenders and

2. increase the offender’s likelihood of successful rehabilitation.

Adult drug courts provide access to treatment for substance-abusing offenders in criminal, dependency, and family courts while minimizing the use of incarceration. They provide a structure for linking supervision and treatment with ongoing judicial oversight and team management. The majority of drug courts include initial intensive treatment services with ongoing monitoring and continuing care for a year or more.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, please call us for help today – 1 (866) 316-4012