How to Stop Using Drugs When You’ve Been Using Every Day

by Balboa Horizons | April 3, 2018

How to stop using drugs when you’ve been using every day. Whether you are taking prescription medication or using illicit drugs every day you may have tried to stop using on your own at some point. Drugs in most forms take their toll on individuals often leaving them without hope and with the same symptoms that led them to taking the drug in the first place.

How do I stop using drugs when I’ve been using every day? If you’re asking yourself this question, it may be time for change. Depending on the drug you’ve been using, stopping immediately can have severe consequences. Make sure you consult a qualified medical doctor to discuss your exit plan before you stop using. Talking about it with a doctor can give you the structure and guidance you will need to get through this challenging time. Also, speaking with a professional will provide accountability for you and help minimize distractions. Once you have a plan in place, next comes the detox and rehabilitation process.

What’s the trick on how to stop using drugs when you’ve been using every day? If you have been using drugs every day and they are doing more harm than good, you know the detoxification process may be grueling, even crippling. This turning point of either staying sober or using once more to not feel withdraws is a pivotal point in early recovery. This is the reason why Balboa Horizons has a residential sub-acute detox to help minimize the cravings and provide comfort in safe environment.

When individuals come to this turning point they can go one of two ways, continue on through the uncomfortable withdrawal process or resort to their drug of choice. Statistics show that more success comes from those who seek professional help as opposed to detoxing themselves.

Choosing recovery can be scary. However, with all the advances in medications the withdraw process easier than ever. Eliminating symptoms of withdraw and helping clients get sleep are now common. If you feel like detox is going to be incredibly difficult we invite you to experience Balboa Horizons. Our team is experienced and most of our staff has been in your shoes. We know the fear and the anxiety that comes with thinking about stopping. You can detox safely and comfortably at Balboa Horizons.

Balboa Horizons is here for those who can’t do it alone. We offer sub-acute detoxification services for those needing more than will power. Call us today and our admissions team can help answer your questions about this challenging time in your life. Life doesn’t end once you get sober come experience the Balboa difference. Call now 866-316-4012