How to Overcome Opiate Addiction: A Step-by-Step Guide

by baladmin | April 22, 2013

Opiate addiction takes over the lives of those who do not seek the appropriate treatment.

The first step to recovering from an addiction to heroin or prescription opiate painkillers is to contact a trained professional to find out what treatment center would be best for you.

Check to ensure that the program you are looking to enter has a medically-monitored detoxification process, or has a facility to which they refer clients who seek inpatient services.

As you may know, opiate withdrawal can be one of the worst, but it is not life-threatening like withdrawal can be from alcohol and other substances.

You can make it through the detox process, and once you do, you will have a reason not to relapse! When the human brain and body have become dependent upon an opiate for everyday functioning, even just one day without the opiate can lead to the flu-like symptoms associated with the painful withdrawal.

Relapse can be a very real part of opiate addiction, so planning a long stay in residential inpatient rehab followed by an outpatient program and sober living are vital parts of recovery.

As addicts like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have demonstrated, rehab is not always enough. Realistically, can people spend years abusing drugs and alcohol, and then be able to change their whole lives after 30 days in treatment? No.

Detox is the first step.

Inpatient treatment is next, for what should be closer to 90 or 180 days than 30.

Outpatient treatment combined with sober living should be next.

Since the first two years are said to lay the foundation for long-term sobriety and a life of recovery, every day needs to incorporate some aspect of rehab ideas, tools, and work.

Attending Twelve Step meetings of the addict’s choosing help provide the accountability, the consistency, and the sense of peer community that an addict needs in early recovery.

Do you want to end up with worse consequences than you already had during your life of active drug use?

You can overcome opiate addiction. Seek treatment now!

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photo credit: Daniel*1977