How to Get the Most out of Therapy

by baladmin | August 13, 2015

Sometimes therapy can feel like a carousel ride.

You show-up.

Pay a quarter.

Have a seat.

Take a spin around the mind.

Return in a week.

Do it all over again.

What you may not be aware of is that the carousel ride on the couch is not the main attraction. What happens between the sessions is the wildest ride of all-applying what you’ve learned to your life.

Our clients at Balboa Horizon participate in individual and group counseling. The following are some ways we suggest you enjoy the experience: 

Goals – Decide where you’d like to go. Ask yourself, “What do I want from therapy?” Some of our clients goals are:

    • To have less anxiety around women/ men
    • To be less impulsive
  • To build meaningful friendships

Setting goals helps the client and therapist observe progress and set-backs-both of which are helpful.

Honesty – Therapy is one place in the world you can say anything. If you observe yourself exaggerating or lying try to tell your therapist about it. Exploring what you hide and why can reveal motives that hold you back from the rest of your life.

Reflection – Take 15 to 20 minutes after therapy to reflect on the session. Did you leave feeling angry or depressed? Ask yourself why. Journaling or talking aloud to yourself can help build deeper understanding.

Observation – Make your life outside of therapy a 24/7 journey of observing your thoughts and actions. Ask yourself,

“Why does a barista forgetting my drink make me so angry?”

“What does this remind me of?”

“Where have I reacted this way before?”

When you return to the carousel of therapy report the connections you made. Observe the outside world parallel to the inside world and you’ll have quite the trip.

If you’d like to know more about the therapies and treatment options offered at Balboa Horizon feel free to call, (816) 316-4012.