Heroin Task Force Listens to Testimonies

by baladmin | May 15, 2014

People Talk About Heroin & Opiate Addiction

Family’s, doctors and addicts share their stories of battling with opiate/heroin addiction at the New York Senate Opiate Heroin Task Force Roundtable.  The Heroin Task Force will use the information obtained in these discussions to strengthen their criminal justice laws and develop recommendations on ways to address this critically important issue.

 “Heroin and opioids are crippling, highly-addictive drugs that are leading to overdoses and deaths in all corners of the state,” said Senator Andrew Lanza, member of the Joint Senate Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction.  “Today we brought together stakeholders from across Staten Island to determine how we can tackle this growing crisis. While there’s no magic bullet and there will always be people struggling with addiction, I believe we can turn the tide on this epidemic by changing attitudes, implementing policies and supporting services for prevention and treatment.”

Senator Savino stated, “Ground zero for this epidemic is Staten Island. I believe with Senators Bolye, Lanza and my own laser like focus on opioids and heroin we can be the needed prescription for change.”

Heroin is Making a Come Back

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death put a spot light on the epidemic of Heroin use in the United States today. The use of heroin now is predominately within the upper white middle class as opposed to the high use 40 years ago. Experts say the reason and prelude to Heroin abuse is prescription pain medication. Pain medication is now the gateway drug to heroin.

Tighter Regulations to Obtaining Pain Meds

As the authorities are cracking down on how pain medication is dispensed and it is becoming harder and harder to get, addicts are turning to Heroin instead. Heroin is cheaper, the high produced is similar and it costs less.

Heroin is Cut With Poison

Heroin is sometimes laced with Fentanyl which Balboa Horizons has shared in a previous blog. Heroin is always cut with something and the user will never really know what they are taking.
As the authorities continue to discuss potential solutions to the United States battle on opiate and heroin addiction, Balboa Horizons continues to successfully treat those affected by the addiction. Please call us today is you or someone you love needs help.

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