Heroin Epidemic-Mother-Nurse on Oprah Loses Everything

by baladmin | March 10, 2014

Heroin Epidemic in America

Heroin has risen to epidemic proportions in the United States. Last night Oprah spotlighted the problem with interviews from several people including an average American mother who once addicted to heroin,  lost her children, marriage and job as a nurse at a prestigious hospital.

How it Started

When she came home from the hospital after giving birth to her child, she was given 100 Vicodin by her Doctor. Overtime she become addicted to the pain medication and started stealing pills at work. When she could no longer steal the pills she began writing false prescriptions and would take them to the pharmacy to have filled.

Caught – Jail

Finally one of the prescriptions was called into question by the pharmacy and the next thing she knew a detective was at her door. She was arrested and taken to jail. While she was incarcerated her husband filed for a divorce, she was fired from the prominent hospital where she was a nurse, and her husband obtained custody of her children.

The Heroin Addiction

After spending 6 months in jail she was released with no where to go and the life she formally knew gone. She then started using heroin because she learned in jail that it produced the same high but was much less expensive than pain pills such as Oxycontin. She would spend every day figuring out how she would get the money to get her heroin fix for the day, and this went on for years.

Enough – Treatment

Fortunately she hit bottom, a bottom lower than she ever thought she would go but it got her into treatment. Today she is celebrating 2 years clean and sober. Her life is slowly coming back together and she is re-establishing a connection with her children. We at Balboa Horizons wish her the best in her recovery program, and appreciate that she shared her story to further the awareness of this horrific addiction.

Statistics of American Pain Med Abuse

The United States of America uses more pharmaceutical pain medication than any other country in the world. The street cost for 1 Oxy today is 20.00 to 30.00 dollars, and when the addict can no longer afford the high cost of the pain meds they switch to the far less expensive drug of heroin.

Addiction is an Illness

Addiction is an illness and those who are affected need to get help and treatment. Russell Brand advocates that addiction is an illness and is working hard to increase awareness of this fact. Please call us today if you or someone you love is addicted to Heroin.We have helped many and we can help you. 1 (866) 316-4012