Heroin Accident? Google Executive Dead of Heroin Overdose

by baladmin | October 21, 2014

Overdose and Manslaughter Charges Following Heroin Use

Yesterday the San Jose Mercury News reported on the preliminary trial that took place regarding the accidental heroin overdose of Google Executive Forrest Hayes. Aren’t most heroin overdoses an accident? Perhaps with the exception of people who intentionally want to commit suicide, most—if not all heroin overdoses are accidents. In this case the heroin was injected into him by his companion who is now awaiting trial for manslaughter.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel video statement showed attorneys for accused killer call girl, Alix Tichelman struck back against prosecutors outside Santa Cruz County Superior Court on Monday. Her attorney stated that the death of Google executive Forrest Hayes was an “accident” and that Tichelman panicked after the two used heroin aboard his yacht. “It’s a sad case which has deeply affected two families, but it was an accident,” attorney Larry Biggam said outside court Monday.

Heroin and Prison

Alix Tichelman, a 27 year old prostitute is now facing 15 years in prison if convicted. She has been charged with felony manslaughter along with prostitution and drug charges. According to the court testimony Forrest Hayes of Google and Tichelman had been communicating for over 11 months on computers and cell phones. They clearly knew each other and had arranged to get together last November when he overdosed. Ms. Tichelman’s attorney stated that she had no intent to kill Mr. Hayes and that it was an accident.

Ms. Tichelman’s attorney said that a surveillance video from the yacht’s cabin shows Tichelman and Hayes kiss and hug each other before Tichelman injected heroin into Hayes’ arm with his consent. Police said Hayes clutched his chest before suffering medical distress.

Heroin High

What happened next was Tichelman’s glacially cold gathering of her belongings, packing her needles and stepping over Hayes a few times with a glass of wine in hand before she fled, according to Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark, or a heroin induced panic in which she eventually left, according to Biggam. The video shows those events took seven minutes.

When asked why she didn’t call 911, her attorney said outside court, “It’s clear from the video that she took herself, injected herself, with heroin. And I think her judgment was less than clear.” Also, he said, “We don’t have all the evidence and the phone records.”

It Could Happen To You

It is common for people who are using heroin to shoot each other up. Would this be similar to a bartender serving a drink to someone who seems fine, only to leave the bar and wind up killing a family of four in a drunken head on collision? Does it matter if it is consensual, and how is that proved if the person is now dead? These are serious questions of responsibility that can result from heroin and alcohol abuse.

The above couple although auspicious, was just setting out for an evening of partying and fun. One minute everything is fine, and the next minute someone is dead and a young woman’s future hangs in the balance. We read and hear about tragedy after tragedy of heroin overdoses including celebrity and business executives today. The heroin epidemic in the world is very much real and people need to understand what they are dealing with.

Don’t Be a Statistic

To die as the result of a heroin overdose, or live to be sent to prison are both tragic outcomes. Heroin’s sensation is so elusive and so alluring that once a person starts using it, it is difficult if not impossible to stop on their own. If you or someone you love is using heroin, please call Balboa Horizons today and seek addiction treatment. We have much success in dealing with those caught in the web of heroin addiction. 1(866) 316-4012