Goddess After Goddess

by baladmin | July 31, 2013

Relationships are hard. Two people trying to live the same life, making decisions as a unit, is work everyday. Staying connected and finding new ways to relate to one another and reconnect day after day might not be natural for any human being, so imagine doing all the regular relationship work plus trying to do it with someone who relies on a substance to function.

Uncertainty, unpredictability, unreliability, mood swings, irritability, and irregular life patterns that come in a relationship with an opiate addict only heighten the difficulty of having a healthy functioning relationship.


It’s amazing that Charlie Sheen has been married as many times as he has. How do these women continue building a relationship with a man who is so actively using? Did Brooke Mueller not see what happened between Charlie and Denise Richards? Did Denise not see how things went down with Donna Peele? Did Donna Peele not see how Charlie handled things with Kelly Preston?

As you look back at an addict’s life, like Charlie Sheen’s, it is ruled by bad decisions and hurt partners. Charlie accidentally shot Kelly Preston, then his fiancee, in the arm. She broke off the engagement shortly after.

Sheen married Donna Peele a few years later and was caught with one of Heidi Fleiss’s escorts. Peele divorced him shortly after.

Several years went by and then Charlie married Denise Richards. They had two daughters, and then the couple divorced three years into the marriage. Denise cited drug and alcohol abuse, threats of violence, and erratic behavior as her reasons for ending the union. An ugly custody battle ensued, and really never seemed resolved.

Two years later Charlie marries Brooke Mueller and she gets pregnant with twins. Another couple years later, and they too divorce. The couple’s twins were removed from Charlie’s home, and Brooke Mueller has since also lost custody of the twin boys. She is in rehab and Charlie is still out partying and “Winning!”

Brooke is an addict herself, and possibly consistently attracted to other addicts. As for the rest, how have so many women been in a relationship with this addict?

How do you carry on with a life when your partner puts substances before you, before the life you have created together, and before his (or her) own life?

The relationship with an opiate addict, an alcoholic, or a stimulant addict will always be tumultuous without proper treatment.