Get In to Fit In

by baladmin | July 4, 2013

Where can he go? He doesn’t have an apartment of his own anymore, he is not welcome back into our parents’ house, and I don’t have enough room for him, so where does he go?

My brother is going to end up on the streets if I don’t find a place for him. He dropped out of college. Well, I guess he was forced to drop out because my parents stopped paying his tuition and he didn’t apply for loans or figure out a way to pay for school himself.

He was dating one girl, and living with her, but of course that blew up in his face because they were codependent, and co-addicts.


Sadly my baby brother has been addicted to who knows what for a couple years now. He needs drug rehab. He actually needs a drug rehab program for men where he can work out his social issues without females present.

I think his desire to fit in has haunted him since childhood. He never felt good enough in our family or in social settings. He does so well in school that he could be labeled a nerd, but he’s athletic. For some reason he never found his group in middle school or high school, until he was about to graduate and he found the group that drinks and parties on the weekends.

When my brother knew he wouldn’t keep playing football or basketball in college, he just stopped caring. He still went to college and seemed to have a bright future in business management, but his desire to fit it got the best of him.

I think it’s heroin and other opiates now, at least from what I can gather from his behaviors.

So where can my brother go? Are there drug rehab programs for men like him? Can my brother get the help he needs to face his reasons for using to escape?

I don’t have time to figure this all out for him, but I don’t know who else will do it and I’ve learned enough about addiction to realize that it will only get worse, so I need to take action now.

I want my brother to have a chance to finish college and pursue a career and a lifestyle that makes him happy. He does not deserve the life of a junkie. No one does.

Drug rehab programs for men appeal to me for him. I think he’ll finally fit in and find a group of peers that understand who he is and what he has been seeking in life. I’d love to see my brother happy and healthy!