Features of Quality Alcohol Counseling

by baladmin | April 30, 2013

How can you gauge the quality of an alcohol rehab treatment center’s program when you are ready to get sober?

The following 7 features of alcohol counseling are ones to look for when making the decision between all of the possible alcohol treatment options.

1. Does the rehab facility offer medically-monitored detox, or does the center offer referrals to a detox program that you can do before checking in for inpatient treatment with them?

2. When you speak with a representative from the alcohol rehab facility, find out if each client works with an assigned counselor to create his or her own individual treatment plan.

Every alcoholic has his or her own unique set of circumstances and reasons for drinking, and therefore, each need a personalized approach to treating that set of needs.

3. Is the alcohol rehab you are looking to attend educating its clients on the disease of alcoholism and addiction? Are informative sessions, through lectures and other forms of education, being offered to clients on a regular basis?

Will you learn what alcohol does to your body and to your brain? Will you learn the progressive nature of alcoholism and addiction?

Find out what approach each treatment facility has to offer in the client education department because one feature of a quality alcohol counseling program is informing each client about what he or she has been doing, why it has continued, and what can be done to change the behaviors, and the damage done to the physical form.

4. Does the rehab program incorporate one-on-one therapy at least weekly? And do clients participate in a therapeutic process group with their recovering peers?

5. How often is client progress reviewed? A quality alcohol counseling program will ensure weekly progress summaries of each client, mainly focused on the growth based on the individual’s treatment plan.

6. Relapse prevention is a necessary part of recovery from alcohol addiction. Find out how each treatment center approaches relapse prevention, especially toward the end of the program.

7. Does the alcohol counseling program encourage each substance abuse counselor to recommend a continued care plan as the client nears program completion? A quality program will work with each client to devise a workable plan for life after alcohol rehab.

Look for all of these features to verify that the alcohol counseling program you attend is of the highest quality.

photo credit: SalFalko