A Father’s Experience – Balboa Horizons Alumni Story

by baladmin | May 16, 2014

My daughter had just turned 25 when she arrived for long-term treatment at Balboa Horizons in August of 2012.  She had been in Utah for her first 3 months of primary treatment, and that had been a very good experience.  She really didn’t want to leave Utah, but we had been advised that Balboa Horizons would be the best fit for her.  Her mother and I had to trust that this new experience in addiction treatment and recovery would maximize her chances for success.  And our trust was indeed well-founded.  From the first moments at Balboa, my daughter was treated with respect, kindness, and firmness.  Her disease and its treatment were explained in detail and we were told precisely what our financial responsibility would be as parents.  We were also told about our need to let go of our control and let the folks at Balboa do their jobs.

After plenty of helpful phone calls with Danyell in the financial office and Caitlin on the treatment side, her mother and I arrived at the Family Program.  It was an incredible experience to hear Dr. Jim Tracy explain in understandable detail and loving kindness what was going on with our kids.  And us.  Then we got to see our daughter and we were amazed.  With a little over 4 months of sobriety she was healthy again, happy, hopeful, enthusiastic, and fully engaged in her recovery.  Even her mom, who had been a skeptic from the beginning, loved and appreciated the changes we could see in our daughter.  The miracle was happening before our eyes and we could see the great value of Balboa.

That was a year and a half ago, and today my daughter is a changed person who recently celebrated 2 years clean and sober.  She survived the death of her mother.  She survived a felony conviction and a rigorous probation period.  She survived some of her friends relapsing, even dying.  She embraced sober living and a part-time job making smoothies. All of this time, she was supported and loved by the Balboa community.  Remarkable.  My experience with Balboa Horizons has been beyond anything I could have dreamed possible.  Superb doesn’t even come close.  And I know my daughter feels similarly.  We will always be grateful to Balboa Horizons.

-Bill M.

father of a Balboa Horizons Alumni