Famous Addicts: Stories From Sober Celebrities

by baladmin | October 22, 2013

Our society idolizes celebrities, so it’s really nice to see famous actresses and performers taking care of themselves.

The next generation, in the United States in particular, looks to those in the public eye for advice in almost every aspect of life, from what to wear to how to behave. It is sad to see celebrities set a poor example, but they are just people like everyone else.

Substance abuse is prevalent among every socioeconomic group in our country, but seems to be more obvious in those we idolize and pay attention to in the media. The attitude is that it is cool to party, to black out, to have to piece back together the events of the night before, and to try pretty much any drug out there if you are interested in it.

This attitude needs to change, and the first step may be sharing the stories of celebrities who have made the choice to live a substance-free life.

Here are a handful of famous addicts who are now sober.

Lindsay Lohan

If you had asked anyone just a year ago if Lindsay could be added to the list of sober celebrities, the answer would be no, but Lindsay has completed rehab, yet again, but she appears to now be making life choices that support the changes she made while in treatment.

Lindsay’s story has been public since she was in her mid-teens. The entire world has known Lindsay’s actions, and with the young following she has, it is great to see her setting a good example for the next generation.

Robert Downey Jr.

Playing Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes is Robert Downey Jr.’s official return as an A List actor and celebrity. His years of addiction kept him in a dark place, unable to work or do much other than drugs. He has shared his story: his father exposed him to drugs at a very young age, which sets your brain up for a lifetime of addiction.

For Robert, choosing a different life was facilitated by the legal system. At one point, he was scrubbing pizza pans in prison for eight cents an hour. He was forced to get sober many times, but it seems his last stint in jail was what set him up to get clean. It has taken close to a decade for Robert to find peace, but now he and his wife live a quieter life, enjoying time with their son.

Kelly Osbourne

As the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, you are certainly exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age. Kelly, and her brother Jack, also have the genetic component to addiction in their blood, so it was no surprise that they each developed an affinity to substances in their teen years.

For Kelly it was mainly Vicodin. She was taking up to 50 pills each day (a normal dose would be one or two pills) and could no longer function. Although it took her four attempts at rehab before staying clean, Kelly has made the choice to be abstinent from drugs and alcohol and, as a result, as found a place in television hosting. Brother Jack is also sober and living a healthy life.

Matthew Perry

During his years as Chandler Bing on the TV show Friends, Matthew was addicted to painkillers and alcohol. After years of ups and downs, a health scare precipitated changes in Matthew’s life. He got clean and has continued to strengthen his recovery, and the recovery of others, by transforming his Malibu home into a sober transitional living house for men who are also trying to stay drug and alcohol free.

Celebrities’ stories of sobriety are motivating and will hopefully prevent young people from abusing substances and encourage those who have a problem to seek help.