Family Recovery Meetings

by baladmin | September 3, 2015

Has your life been affected by someone’s alcohol or drug abuse?

Are you confused about what to do about it? 

Are you tired of walking on eggshells?

Balboa Horizons offers a solution… 

Family Recovery Meetings 

You can start exploring the process of recovery in our weekly Family Recovery Meetings. These meetings are designed for families AND those that are currently struggling with an addiction. The Family Recovery Series combines education and group therapy led by licensed addiction counselors and clinicians.                                                                                                                                      

These meetings are open to the public

Held at, 129 Cabrillo Street, Costa Mesa, California 92627 (In the Community Rm.)

Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

The cost is FREE (sponsored by Balboa Horizons.) 

Any member of the community who has been affected by addiction is encouraged to attend. The meeting will cover the following: 

    • Learning why addiction is a disease and why there is hope for healing and recovery
    • Strategies to shift the individual and family towards health and sustainable recovery
    • Set limits you can live with – reducing family chaos and stress
    • Hearing stories of hope and healing from families that “have been there”
  • Learning about “recovery” and how it can work for your family

For more info and to RSVP call:

Burr Cook

Phone: (949) 903-3008