What Happens at a Family Recovery Meeting

by Balboa Horizons | March 16, 2017

For those new to recovery the idea of taking an hour out of ones day to attend a recovery meeting sounds like a total downer. Who would want to listen to other people talk about their problems? Funny thing is, a lot of people find it incredibly effective in helping themselves emotionally and supporting their family members sobriety.

How it works

The meeting itself provides a space to share about struggles that only those who have a loved one in recovery could really understand. Hearing other people share about their trials and how they have overcome helps the listener strategize their own game plans. Also hearing other people share their stories gives fearful parents faith that their child can live a life of recovery and their family can be restored. Over time the group builds strong friendships and connections with those who have a unique understanding of their struggles sans judgment.

Where to go

There are a variety of Al-Anon recovery meetings out there. Balboa Horizons offers a free Family Recovery Meeting every Thursday night at our Costa Mesa facility. This meeting is open to the public and especially to anyone who has a child struggling with an addiction. The meetings are held at, 129 Cabrillo Street, Costa Mesa, California 92627 in the Community Room. Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The cost is FREE. You can call Burr Cook for details: (949) 903-3008.