Facing Life with Addiction: Get Back into the Water

by Balboa Horizons | January 11, 2018

Facing Life with Addiction: Get Back into the Water

If you are currently active in your addiction and losing focus on what matters in life and have quit surfing because of drugs or alcohol then you are about to get a little motivation to help you become awesome again.

When life gets to the point that you’ve stopped surfing because drug use has become your primary method of exercise, then you may have a problem. This problem is compounded by the fact that many of us have burned our family, friends, and have nowhere else to turn.

Surfing for us is the ultimate release, the saying only a surfer knows the feeling cuts to our core. We know our life has been spinning out of control. Getting help may seem difficult, many of us will get caught up in asking ourselves these questions;  When will I go? Where will I go? How is this going to happen? These questions will often derail us from getting the help we need and usually only fuels our addiction even more.

So how does one get back to life, get back into the water, and get back to where our very hearts and souls are drawn to. The answer is quite simple, get help! This is the dilemma that addicts face. We have a decision to make and its one of the hardest many addicts never get a chance to make.

On one hand, we have a life of sun, surf, family, friends, and love, versus a life filled with isolation, misery, anxiety, drugs, jail, or even death on the other. To those not like us the decision seems like it’s a no-brainer, however to us it’s nearly impossible to choose the right path even though we know it’s right, and we almost always choose a life of alcohol and drugs. Why is that, some say it’s who we are, others say it’s at the center of our addiction and that it’s familiar. Whatever our reasoning, many of us know we need to change before it’s too late.

When the pain of your life becomes greater than the pain of the solution us as addicts are then ready to make the right decision.

Getting back into the water finally we feel relieved, we feel at home. After being out of the water during the duration of our addictions we find that our bodies need to adjust to this new way of living and to get back to surfing how we used to.

Surfing in recovery at first seems foreign to many recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. The senses are heightened, and it takes time for some of us to adjust to this new body that we have received through recovery. Surfing for us means resetting from our trouble, feeling the salt water spray on our face and the coarse sand in between our toes and just being one with nature,  in the moment, at home, completely at peace.

Often our addictions have blinded us from being able to experience the small things in life that make us the happiest. Once we are in recovery the simple things become great and our recovery journey becomes meaningful through those experiences.

Balboa Horizons is a drug and alcohol treatment program that helps surfers get back in the water. We offer weekly surf therapy along with music and other therapy modalities to help surfers recover.