Where Everyone Gets Sober

by baladmin | August 23, 2013

The celebs do it and it works. Drug treatment in Orange County, California leads the way in the world of substance abuse because clients get better.

Here’s why:

1. Beautiful Environments Relax People

Orange County, California may be one of the prettiest places in the United States. The weather is more than ideal, it it located on the Pacific Ocean, and it provides more peace in Southern California than Los Angeles ever can. Clients can enjoy the outdoors while healing. What could be better?

2. Location, Location, Location

Yes, the beauty is amazing, but location is more than just the aesthetic. California is appealing to a young generation of addicts and alcoholics who need to be removed from their everyday settings. Going to rehab is not a fun choice to make and many people, especially teens and young adults, are reluctant to leave their homes, their friends, and there known environment for a treatment center in an uneventful town that maybe also has bad weather.

The appeal of Southern California, driving distance from LA without being in the fast-paced mix, makes drug treatment in Orange County a great choice. Parents and kids together can agree on a rehab facility in this part of the country.

3. Top Addiction Counselors Practice in Orange County

Evidenced-based practices and proven success are part of the treatment culture in Southern California. The substance abuse treatment professionals who stay most abreast of new program modalities and alternative therapeutic effectiveness work at the centers that offer drug treatment in Orange County, California.

4. Holistic Approaches to Healing

California is known as a progressive state, and drug treatment in Orange County is no different. Equine therapy, meditation, yoga, the beach, art therapy, and many alternative activities are added to the program day in addition to more traditional forms of therapy. Each client is viewed as an individual worthy of a unique, personalized treatment plan.

5. Gender-Specific Treatment

Male and female addicts have very different needs while in rehab. Separate programs that address the differences have become the best way to treat addicts and alcoholics.

6. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As is true for addressing gender in treatment, identifying more than one diagnosable disorder in each client is important for long-term sobriety. Drug treatment centers in Orange County stay ahead of the curve by focusing on both gender specific issues and dual diagnosis specific issues.

For excellent drug treatment in Orange County, California, contact Balboa Horizons for a thorough assessment to find out how you can start addressing your personal set of needs in rehab.