Detoxing from Heroin

by Balboa Horizons | January 16, 2018

Feeling the pain of detoxing from heroin? The endless torment of heroin withdrawal includes hot and cold sweats, irritability, kicking, and the constant need for a fix. The lack of willpower to help combat these symptoms only makes things worse. So how do you know if you should go into inpatient detox?

Not all heroin detoxes are the same. Many addicted to opiates have tried getting sober at home and often fail. The main reason why people fail to detox themselves comes down to the sheer uncomfortableness that one experiences when going through heroin withdrawal.

The feeling of crawling skin and uncontrollable muscle twitches are normal in withdrawal from opiates. Many addicts will resort to using heroin again because it is something that will take the pain of withdrawal away immediately.

For those that have a resolute desire to kick heroin need help. They realize that trying to get off of heroin is seemingly impossible for them on their own. Fortunately, heroin withdrawal can be treated.

In many instances, we have heard of individuals on heroin walking into an emergency room in withdrawal. Many times these people will walk out of that ER only a few hours later with a one day supply of a drug that will help them sleep. This is the unfortunate predicament faced by many heroin addicts. Once out of the ER they are faced to not only struggle through their intense cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal, but they have no tools to help them stay stopped. This is where detoxing from heroin and getting inpatient treatment is vastly different from going it alone.

Treatment offers support, medications, and useful tools heroin addicts can use to recover. The medications that inpatient heroin treatment provides doesn’t introduce new abusive drugs that the addict can then become addicted to, but will use medications only for a short time before titrating them off of the drugs completely. Once the addict isn’t experiencing the detrimental side effects of heroin withdrawal it is time to teach them new ways to cope with life.

Another way getting heroin treatment is different than detoxing on your own, is treatment provides solid clinical support that patients have throughout their entire stay. Often times those recovering from heroin have experienced deeply hurtful situations and have post-traumatic stress, resentment, anger, and a multitude of other issues that helped them fuel their addiction.  From a clinical perspective and digging deep with the client, clinicians often help the addicts find the underlying issues that are at the root of their addiction.

Finding the underlying issues is precisely what differentiates inpatient heroin treatment from outpatient settings. When a client can look at their life with the perspective they can then create a plan to move forward. Inpatient heroin treatment also allows clients to help build self-esteem, and make them feel better about their lives and offers them a brighter outlook on the future.

Drug addicts often feel as if they are worthless, broke and alone. Detoxing from heroin is only the beginning, but with help life becomes bearable and the once dismal and bleak outlook they had becomes hopeful and bright.

Balboa Horizons is not only helping addicts detoxing from heroin but will also help them find the root causes of their addiction and provide a positive environment and strong foundation for them to recover.