David Cassidy Ordered to Alcohol Rehab

by baladmin | April 2, 2014

David Cassidy was a heart throb of mine when I was growing up. David was the star and lead singer of the Partridge Family.

Every Friday night my brothers and I would gather around the TV to first watch the Brady Bunch then followed by the Partridge Family. It was a Friday night ritual for as long as I can remember.

The Partridge Family

“I Think I Love You”, the top signature song by the Partridge Family was and still is one of my favorites. We had all of the Partridge Family albums and pictures of David Cassidy on our bedroom walls! The Partridge Family is an American icon of that generation.

David Struggles with Alcohol

In January of 2014 David Cassidy was arrested for his 3rd DUI. While facing the judge last week and looking at 1 year in jail, David Cassidy pleaded no contest and the judge sentenced him to 90 days in alcohol rehab with 9 months probation. David had also been arrested the year before in New York for driving while under the influence and prior to that in 2010 he was arrested in Florida for DUI.

Committed to Sobriety

According to E News, David is committed to his sobriety. Once he completes inpatient rehab he will transfer to an outpatient treatment program with the aid of a sober coach. He will undoubtedly attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings too.

The Disease Concept of Alcoholism

The American Medical Association defines alcoholism as an illness or disease. Dr. David Ohlm, an expert in the field of alcoholism, has defined alcoholism as follows: Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by loss of control over alcohol and other sedatives.

Chronic: Lasts a long time.
Progressive: Alcoholism goes through a series of increasing symptoms and it does not go away. It gets worse even after long periods of sobriety, and can be reactivated by a single drink.
Incurable: One can not return to normal drinking. One can return to a normal life, but only by stopping drinking.
Disease: A condition in which bodily health is impaired and interferes with the ability of the person to function normally.
Loss of control: Once the alcoholic takes that first drink after a period of being sober or abstinent, he/she can not predict with any reliability whether he/she is going to have a normal or abnormal drinking episode. Therefore, they do not control the alcohol, it controls them.

How To Recover from Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease with no medical cure as of yet. The only cure at the time of this article is for the alcoholic to abstain from drinking alcohol ever again, however this is a daunting idea for most alcoholics to accept. Getting into alcoholism rehab is the first step to overcoming the disease of alcoholism, followed by the daily maintenance of a 12 step recovery program. The program is managed by not drinking alcohol, one day at a time.

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