Crafting the “New You” Post Recovery

by Balboa Horizons | June 23, 2016

The self-awareness that is built in addiction treatment is priceless. Through this new lens one’s life can be self-navigated in a direction that aligns with individual goals and values. When we have a mind and body connection of what we think, say and do our lives can radically transform. However, this new found awakening can be startling to someone who has spent years in the dark of an addiction. Often people feel as if they have a lot of catching up to do. There is no rush on the road of recovery, but here are a few questions to start asking yourself about the “new you” you’d like to be:

What you do communicates who you are. Ask yourself the following questions and make note of the answers. Are these traits you’d like to keep or change?

    • Quality – Do you put 100% effort into your work?
    • Punctuality – Do you show up on time?
    • Courtesy – Are you kind and courteous to the people around you?
    • Reliability – Before you commit to doing something do you check in with yourself and ask yourself if you really want to do it? When the time comes do you show up on time?
    • Consistency –  Are you consistent with the same quality, punctuality and courtesy towards all people?
    • Tone – Take note of the tone you use when speaking to your co-workers vs. your romantic partner. Is it consistent with how you want to be perceived and treat people? 
    • Posture – Observe your posture when you’re in a meeting, walking into a party of people you don’t know. Are you standing up straight or are your shoulders slouched? 
    • Gestures – The way you tell a story says things about you. Observe yourself and others the next time you’re at a party and find the kind of gestures you’d like to make.
    • Eye Contact – What is your eye contact like with your loved ones, co-workers, your boss? What does it say about your confidence and focus?
  • Your Pitch – When people ask you, “What do you do?” What do you say and how do you say it? Are you enthusiastic to talk about your line of work or what you’re studying, or are you embarrassed and try to change the subject? If you don’t like what you’re selling (you and what you do) then you’re not going to sell it very well. How can you emphasize your strong points and/or change your direction to a more desirable path?

No matter where you are on your journey your well-earned awareness will not fail you in creating the “new you” that you’ve always wanted to be.

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