Codependency Treatment

by baladmin | June 10, 2013

Breakup, makeup, breakup again. When it’s really over, and you are left devastated, can you ask yourself why?

Codependency plays a role in a large percentage of relationships, and breakup pain. That is just not healthy, but when thousands of people feel the same needs and the same sense of loss when a romantic relationship ends, is something happening in our culture that’s teaching us unhealthy patterns of interaction?

If you feel that you need a partner to have any sense of self-worth, that’s a sign of codependency. If you just cannot face the world (or your friends and family) without a significant other, is it because you don’t feel “good enough” on your own? Do you judge your own value by who you are dating, and how other people view your relationship?

If you seek external validation in any way, it may be time to check in with your own identity. Merriam-Webster says that codependency is “a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as an addiction to alcohol or heroin)”.

To break it down another way, being codependent means you are putting the success of a relationship with someone before your own success, mentally, emotionally, and physically, in some cases.

Think about that. What about that is appealing? Not much, but don’t fret, codependency treatment can help!

If you can evaluate your pattern of relationships, then you are a step ahead. Otherwise, when entering rehab you will start learning why you choose the partners you choose, what you are worth on your own without a partner, how to change your definition of a good relationship, and all while hearing and sharing personal experiences.

You will learn to validate yourself, to be self-assured when single or in a relationship, and how to go about changing your thought processes one day at a time. Recovering from codependency takes the same dedication and hard work as recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, and the rewards of the work are the same too.

Codependency treatment will revolutionize your view of relationships and what you want. When you stay dedicated and complete treatment, your thoughts, behaviors, and attitude will reflect the love you have for yourself.

Who doesn’t love the energy of someone who is self-assured and ready to share joy with others? You do not need a partner to be complete. You do not need to rely on anyone else for your happiness.

What can codependency treatment do for you?