Codependency Quiz

by baladmin | June 24, 2013

Are you codependent? It’s better to know. Take this codependency quiz and find out.

1. You are meeting a friend for lunch. She asks where you would like to go, what is your response?
(a) wherever you would like to go, or
(b) there’s this great little place nearby I’ve heard good things about, want to try it?

2. Getting angry is:
(a) never okay, at least not to be noticeably angry, or
(b) justified because it is one of our emotions as humans.

3. You are dating someone, and he or she asks you for money, which you know they are going to spend on drugs or alcohol. What do you do?
(a) give it to them and hope they need it for food or a bill, or
(b) question what it’s for, and deny the request if you don’t agree with the cause.

4. How open are you with the people you love:
(a) not very, you don’t want to burden anyone with your minor problems, or
(b) very! That’s what friends are for. You tell them and they tell you, and you work things out together.

5. As a child, do you feel responsible for the emotional well-being of a parent?
(a) yes, or
(b) no.

6. When someone asks how you are doing, you answer:
(a) “I’m fine!” or “I’m great!” and smile, even if you aren’t really fine or great, or
(b) honestly, with whatever emotion or state of mind you are really in.

7. Have ever felt like the glue that is holding your family together?
(a) yes, or
(b) no.

8. When life is going along smoothly, and no one is asking for your help, or is putting emotional struggles on you, do you feel:
(a) useless and without purpose, or
(b) relieved and at peace?

9. Do you feel more comfortable:
(a) offering to help another person, or
(b) asking for help from another person?
10. When someone asks you for a favor, whether it’s big or small, do you feel:
(a) almost obligated to help because someone needs you, or
(b) okay with saying no when you really can’t help at that time?

This codependency quiz can serve as a start in understanding where you are with relationships. If you answered mostly (a), then you are probably on the codependency side of the spectrum. Mainly (b) answers show more healthy boundaries and a better routine of self-care.

If you feel codependency applies to you, seek help and start healing and having healthier relationships.