Chrissie Hynde Says – Alcohol is as Bad as Heroin

by baladmin | April 23, 2014

The 62-year-old former Pretenders front woman said that she learned about the dangers of booze after she was jailed for being “so out of it”.

Rock star Chrissie Hynde has talked about alcohol, describing it as the “scandal of our times” and the same as drug addiction. She also talked about TV talent shows, stating that she would rather watch re-runs of 1980s crime show Minder than The Voice, and claimed that young pop stars such as Miley Cyrus “haven’t lived a life”.

Alcohol-The Scandal of Our Times

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, the former hell-raiser said: “Do you know what the scandal of our times is? “Alcohol. It kills many, many more people than heroin ever does.  Drinking is still drug addiction, it just isn’t considered as such because it’s legal and taxed. If you want to see what alcohol does go to the emergency ward on a Saturday night. I’ve been in jail because I’ve been so out of it on alcohol, so I know what I’m talking about.”

She went on to say, “Same with smoking. More people have died from smoking than in both world wars. Everyone who smokes will die of an illness related to smoking. I came to the conclusion that I can either sing or I can smoke. So I quit.”

Chrissie Hynde will release her debut solo album ‘Stockholm’ on June 9th in Europe and June 10th, 2014 in the US. It comes six years after The Pretenders’ last album ‘Break Up The Concrete’. 

Alcohol Metabolism in the Body

When alcohol is consumed, it passes from the stomach and intestines into the blood, a process referred to as absorption. Alcohol is then metabolized by enzymes, which are body chemicals that break down other chemicals. In the liver, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) mediates the conversion of alcohol to Acetaldehyde.

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can happen to anyone. Binge drinking can precipitate an episode of alcohol poisoning which is the result of consuming alcohol at a rate faster than the body can process it. When this happens the body actually poisons itself from the gas created in the metabolizing process of alcohol to Acetaldehyde.

The Liver Can Only Do So Much

The liver can metabolize only a certain amount of alcohol per hour, regardless of the amount that has been consumed. The rate of alcohol metabolism depends, in part, on the amount of metabolizing enzymes in the liver, which varies among individuals and appears to have genetic determinants.

In general, after the consumption of one standard drink, the amount of alcohol in the drinker’s blood (blood alcohol concentration, or BAC) peaks within 30 to 45 minutes. (A standard drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits, all of which contain the same amount of alcohol.)

Alcohol is Metabolized Slowly

Alcohol is metabolized more slowly than it is absorbed. Since the metabolism of alcohol is slow, consumption needs to be controlled to prevent accumulation in the body and intoxication and/or alcohol poisoning.

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