Dissociative Disorder and Addiction

by baladmin | February 24, 2016

The reason why people abuse drugs and alcohol varies. Currently, quite a bit of research points to trauma leading to chemical dependency. Trauma is a painful experience that shocks the body. This can be neglect from a caregiver as a child, physical or sexual abuse, witnessing a death or engaging in combat. When an individual […]

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What Makes Young Women Prone to Addiction?

by baladmin | August 12, 2014

Women are suffering with drug addiction and alcoholism for reasons significantly different than men. This is why gender specific treatment is the most successful when considering addiction rehabilitation for women. Women Abuse Substances for Different Reasons than Men A 3 year study revealed that girls and young women use addictive substances for reasons different than boys […]

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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for Women Only: Balboa Horizona 866.316.4012

by baladmin | February 17, 2010

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for Women Only: Balboa Horizona 866.316.4012: “At Balboa Horizons, we have discovered through successfully treating many women, that most women do in fact suffer from dual diagnosis, co-occuring disorders such at depression, alcoholism, bi-polar and eating disorders. The first step in the recovery process is to stabilize and remove the addictions […]

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