Balboa Memories: LeeLee’s Story

by baladmin | May 22, 2013

LeeLee knew the first time she smoked a cigarette that she was going to have problems with addiction. By 16 she was considering herself a drug addict. She got pregnant at a young age, and even still her drug and alcohol problems became worse. LeeLee gave up her rights to her son. She became very […]

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Balboa Memories: Nick’s Story

by baladmin | May 15, 2013

Nick D is from Minnesota. He graduated from the university of Minnesota with degree in Marketing. During last two semesters of college he got addicted to painkillers. His life eventually turned into downward spiral of day to day survival.  He found Balboa Horizons on the internet and admitted himself. He was initially hesitant on the […]

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Balboa Memories: Sam’s Story

by baladmin | May 8, 2013

Sam is originally from Oregon and started drinking and using drugs at an early age. When her grandfather died while she was in college she decided to try to quit. She realized within 24 hours that she was unable to do so. Consequently, she decided to go in the opposite direction—abusing drugs with no restraint. […]

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