Latest Research Says E-Cigarettes-Gateway to Drug Addiction

by baladmin | September 5, 2014

Jeffrey Lieberman, the Lawrence C. Kolb Professor of Psychiatry and chair of psychiatry at CUMC, said, “The emergence in our society of new recreational pharmaceuticals such as E-cigarettes and legalized marijuana, while justifiable on one level, may have adverse consequences of which we are not fully aware.” Nobel Prize Winners Research According to the 120th […]

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Tobacco Addiction-Who Smokes?

by baladmin | August 8, 2014

How would you like to get your teeth brown; your breath to smell; subject yourself to heart disease, cancer, and stroke; and pay only $8.30 for the privilege? Of course we are referring to cigarette smoking, although other tobacco products such as tobacco chewing and cigars present comparable risks. Most of us know the risks […]

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