The Best Thing To Do When Things Fall Apart

by Balboa Horizons | July 20, 2016

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction have a way of getting themselves in overwhelming situations, i.e. without a home, needing a job or in jail. Losing friendships and relationships can also be overwhelming experiences. Whether you are experiencing these things or feeling overwhelmed by someone that is, there is one thing you can […]

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What To Do About Addiction Cravings

by baladmin | July 21, 2014

Drug cravings are strong memories that are linked to the effect of drugs on the brain’s neurochemistry. The definition of craving is: a powerful desire for something. Neurochemistry is the specific study of neurochemicals, including neurotransmitters and other molecules that influence the function of neurons. This field closely examines how these neurochemicals influence the network […]

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How to Avoid a Relapse in Recovery-HALT!

by baladmin | July 7, 2014

Sobriety is a way of life, and staying sober, happy and content is going to require diligence and effort. But let’s face it, before we got sober we would usually put a lot of effort into obtaining our drug of choice. If we are able to attend rehab for a minimum of 90 days or […]

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Zac Efron Says-Don’t Question My Sobriety!

by baladmin | April 6, 2014

According to TMZ, Zac Efron says, “Don’t question my sobriety”! Zac’s friends are scared to broach the subject of Zac’s sobriety because not only will they be ignored — but they say anyone who makes an attempt to talk about his sobriety is cut from Efron’s life. This brings up a very important issue regarding […]

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Surviving Recovery Success

by baladmin | March 25, 2014

Surviving the success of Recovery You may think that is a strange statement – “Surviving the Success of Recovery”, however it is something that those of us in recovery need to be aware of. At times we will hear about alcoholics and addicts who have been sober for a long period of time and then […]

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