Pain Management Without Drugs: Managing Pain in Sobriety

by baladmin | November 19, 2014

Chronic pain Can Lead to Drug Dependency Chronic pain can be the starting point in long-term opiate abuse, and can lead many into a devastating and dark battle with addiction. The problem with chronic pain is once someone seeks help for an addiction and gets clean and sober, the pain doesn’t necessarily go away. This is why […]

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What is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

by baladmin | November 12, 2014

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Many people have heard of alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms that occur within the first 5-7 days after the last use, but what about the long-term withdrawal that can happen for up to years after getting clean and sober? This is not nearly as well-known or talked about. This phenomenon is called Post-Acute Withdrawal […]

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America’s Addiction to Opiates

by baladmin | July 22, 2014

Americans don’t like to feel pain, as our addiction to Opiate Pain Medication supports. Teens, Young Adults and Seniors are filling our emergency rooms with overdoses to Opiates. How Does Addiction Start? Teen surveys have consistently found that the family is fundamental to keeping children away from tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. Teen drug abuse […]

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Young Adults & Addiction to Pain Meds

by baladmin | January 17, 2014

Young Adults Increase Pain Med Use Addiction to pain pills has seriously increased among young adults over the last five years. The abuse of Oxycontin and other Opiates has resulted in many  young adult visits to the hospital emergency room in addition to untimely deaths. Pain pills are the more popular drug among young people […]

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A Chance to Change

by baladmin | August 20, 2013

“Super flu”, “evening”, and “a la canona” all refer to the onset of heroin withdrawal symptoms. To put it lightly, the experience is unpleasant and people who make it through never want to endure the pain and discomfort again. People who have been using opiates, like heroin, morphine, codeine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and other opioids, […]

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Female Opiate Related Deaths is Skyrocketing

by baladmin | July 25, 2013

The rate of opiate deaths in women is alarming. While men still die more often from drug overdose than women, the rise in female addict deaths have gone up more than 400% in the last decade. Currently, around 17,000 people die each year from taking too much of a pharmaceutically manufactured drug. According to the […]

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Painless Detox-First Step in Rehab

by baladmin | January 15, 2013

The first step in the recovery process for some clients is detox. Detoxification of the drugs and alcohol in a painless and comfortable way is the optimum way to begin a new addiction treatment rehab program at Balboa Horizons. When our patient first arrives, we will assess his or her situation and then begin the […]

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Opiate Addiction and Abuse: The Growing Epidemic

by baladmin | December 12, 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Narcotic painkillers are among the most popular prescription drugs in the U.S and the use of them quadrupled between 1999 and 2010. Every year, doctors write about 300 million prescriptions for painkillers. That is enough for every adult American to be medicated around the clock for […]

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Opiate Pain Med Treatment

by baladmin | May 18, 2012

The rising popularity of prescription pain medications has made opioid addiction an alarming epidemic. Although heroin has been the long-time favorite among opiate users due to its high potency, prescription medications like vicodan, oxycontin (known to users as “legal heroin”) and the recently developed opana are equally dangerous. What begins as legitimate pain management can […]

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