Fentanyl Overdose, Cocaine, Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

by Candace Bruce | March 10, 2019

When I was 5 years old I never envisioned myself at 22 years old in fentanyl overdose, using cocaine, with a drug addiction and alcoholism. In fact, I thought I would be a veterinarian because I liked animals. I was using drugs in high school and drinking quite a bit, but I was still good […]

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Desperate for Something Different

by Balboa Horizons | February 20, 2019

Sometimes life just sucks. I was desperate for something different. I grew up in a broken home, with a schizophrenic mom. As far as I can remember I was always asking myself why can’t I be like others. By others, I mean having both parents in the home and a mother that either didn’t have […]

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Pain Management Without Drugs: Managing Pain in Sobriety

by baladmin | November 19, 2014

Chronic pain Can Lead to Drug Dependency Chronic pain can be the starting point in long-term opiate abuse, and can lead many into a devastating and dark battle with addiction. The problem with chronic pain is once someone seeks help for an addiction and gets clean and sober, the pain doesn’t necessarily go away. This is why […]

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What is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

by baladmin | November 12, 2014

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Many people have heard of alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms that occur within the first 5-7 days after the last use, but what about the long-term withdrawal that can happen for up to years after getting clean and sober? This is not nearly as well-known or talked about. This phenomenon is called Post-Acute Withdrawal […]

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Recognizing the Signs of Opiate Withdrawal

by baladmin | August 13, 2013

“Comfort is beauty muted by heroin. Sadness is beauty drained by lack of it, ” and, “When you can stop you don’t want to, and when you want to stop, you can’t…” are quotes from Luke Davies’ book, Candy: A Novel of Love and Addiction. The story chronicles Davies’ own heroin addiction, taking the reader […]

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Painless Detox-First Step in Rehab

by baladmin | January 15, 2013

The first step in the recovery process for some clients is detox. Detoxification of the drugs and alcohol in a painless and comfortable way is the optimum way to begin a new addiction treatment rehab program at Balboa Horizons. When our patient first arrives, we will assess his or her situation and then begin the […]

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