10 Reasons to Consider a Long Term Drug Rehab

by baladmin | November 21, 2014

Long term drug Rehab Consistently Yields Better Results Recovery is a program of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. For many individuals who began using drugs and alcohol around the age of 13-15, their intellectual and emotional growth is interrupted. Transformation takes time, and like the addiction, does not happen overnight. When clinically appropriate, we […]

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A Father’s Experience – Balboa Horizons Alumni Story

by baladmin | May 16, 2014

My daughter had just turned 25 when she arrived for long-term treatment at Balboa Horizons in August of 2012.  She had been in Utah for her first 3 months of primary treatment, and that had been a very good experience.  She really didn’t want to leave Utah, but we had been advised that Balboa Horizons would be the […]

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Balboa Horizons is the Top Licensed Treatment Center for Women

by baladmin | April 16, 2011

Balboa Horizons treats all of clients at our supervised professional Treatment Center. Most treatment centers use what is called the “Florida Model”, which means they are shuttled to an off site office for counseling, and then housed in various homes owned by the treatment centers. Balboa Horizons is a true addiction treatment center that is […]

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