Breathwork for Addiction

by Balboa Horizons | March 30, 2016

Drugs and alcohol are not the source of the problem for an addict. The inability to feel and weather the pains of human emotion are. An addict runs from these emotions by numbing through drugs, alcohol, food and disassociation. Recovery is a process of incorporating many tools in order to help an individual get through […]

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Balboa Horizons Recovery Tribe

by baladmin | November 12, 2015

By definition a tribe is a distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into a national society. In many ways Balboa Horizons is a tribe on the recovery battlefield. Addiction recovery provides the space for people to take a step back from their everyday lives and  […]

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Movement Therapies for Addiction

by baladmin | November 6, 2015

Traditionally, addiction has been treated with psychotherapy. Newly developed therapies called movement therapies are proving to be incredibly beneficial. Movement therapy can include dancing, yoga, tai chi, etc… this therapy model addresses both the psychological and the physiological health of a person. Physically our autonomic nervous system (ANS) remembers everything we feel, hear, see and […]

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Addiction Treatment for Young Women

by baladmin | October 12, 2010

Our Newport Beach, California addiction treatment drug rehab center also inspires physical addiction recovery with activities such as yoga, massage therapy, beach volleyball, biking and more. Our gender specific women’s addiction treatment programs include group therapy, individual therapies as well as a core 12 step approach to recovery. Young Adult Women require specific knowledge with […]

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Young Adult Drug Rehab for Women | Balboa Horizons California

by baladmin | March 17, 2010

Young adult drug rehab for women | Balboa Horizons California: “Young Adult Women Ages (18-27) Special Focus Treatment Programs. Young Adult Women require specific knowledge with regard to their age and gender when it comes to addiction treatment for alcoholism, relationships, club drugs, meth, ecstacy, heroin and cocaine. Balboa Horizons is a foremost expert when […]

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