Kratom Withdrawal Timeline

by Balboa Horizons | February 6, 2018

Kratom Withdrawal Timeline: What to Expect The Kratom withdrawal timeline can be similar, though less intense than that of an opiate withdrawal. Kratom withdrawal largely is dependent upon the user and how much they have been consuming. For those who frequently use Kratom, it can be challenging to stop, especially after consuming large doses. The […]

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Who’s Doing Drugs In School Today?

by baladmin | July 18, 2014

In a recent survey, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University stated that about 17% of the United States high school students drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or use other drugs during the school day. It’s no surprise to their classmates either as 86% of teens say they know the 2.8 million […]

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What are Bath Salts?

by baladmin | August 6, 2013

What are bath salts? For starters, dangerous. Allegedly, one man attempted to eat the face of another man while high on bath salts. Allegedly, one prison guard a series of crimes (battery, burglary, etc.) during a bath-salt-high induced crime spree. Why would any continue to experiment with a drug that has such violent and unpredictable […]

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Young Adult Drug Rehab for Women | Balboa Horizons California

by baladmin | March 17, 2010

Young adult drug rehab for women | Balboa Horizons California: “Young Adult Women Ages (18-27) Special Focus Treatment Programs. Young Adult Women require specific knowledge with regard to their age and gender when it comes to addiction treatment for alcoholism, relationships, club drugs, meth, ecstacy, heroin and cocaine. Balboa Horizons is a foremost expert when […]

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