The Time and Place to Say “I’m Sober”

by baladmin | January 2, 2016

Whether or not you share with people that you’re sober from drug and alcohol addiction is a personal choice. Some people believe that their recovery is a part of their identity and choose to wear their story on their sleeve. These people candidly joke, “I don’t drink. I am allergic to alcohol. I break out […]

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Does the Moon Affect our Behavior?

by baladmin | September 25, 2015

According to a University of New Orleans study, 81% of mental health professionals believe that the cycles of the moon affect human behavior. In 1987, the Journal of Emergency Medicine claimed to find that 80% of randomly selected nurses and 64% of doctors in emergency rooms believed that lunar cycles affect mental health. As well, […]

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Top Opiate Addiction Treatment & Detox

by baladmin | November 30, 2012

Opiate and opioid drugs are intensely addictive, highly dangerous and can be potentially fatal. The opioid family includes the naturally occurring opiates morphine and codeine, as well as their synthetic and semi-synthetic derivatives. These include heroin, methadone and a variety of prescription pain medications.Balboa Horizons’ clinical team is highly trained to deal with the challenges involved […]

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Women’s Best Addiction Treatment Center

by baladmin | February 9, 2011

Balboa Horizons offers gender specific women only drug alcohol rehab that allows a women to discover a new way of living clean and sober. Significant research indicates that gender specific addiction treatment models for women, offer the highest rate of success for those women struggling with addiction. As with any industry, the key factors to […]

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