Substance Abuse Treatment California

by Balboa Horizons | August 14, 2017

California Substance Abuse Treatment California is a distraction-free fresh start far away from environmental triggers. People such as friends who engage in substance abuse and acquaintances are likely triggers. Furthermore, Getting away from the area where a person is actively using is beneficial. People need a break in order to take on the responsibility of […]

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Orange County California – Best Place to attend a Drug Treatment Center

by baladmin | June 12, 2014

Balboa Horizons addiction treatment and recovery rehab is located in the beautiful city of Newport Beach–in the heart of Orange County, California. Orange County, California is home to the World Famous Disney Land, the Ducks Hockey Team and the Angels Baseball team. Orange County-Southern California Orange County has 42 miles of beautiful coastline, three harbors […]

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New Study Shows Structural Brain Differences in Occasional Marijuana Use

by baladmin | May 2, 2014

Most studies on marijuana use have looked at long-term heavy marijuana users and show brain changes. Jodi Gilman, PhD, from the Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, says “Our study is different in that it looks at young adult recreational users who are not addicted based on a psychological interview and we found observable […]

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Parent Guide to Addiction

by baladmin | September 3, 2013

Matthew’s parents have been worried about him for a while now. The lifestyle and set of behaviors that Matthew has chosen is not leading him down a good life path, and his parents don’t know what to do. The hardest part was admitting to themselves that their son is an addict. Matthew’s parents had to […]

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Why Balboa for Drug Treatment in California

by baladmin | January 17, 2013

Why Balboa Horizons Balboa Horizons offers the full continuum of gender specific addiction recovery programs for males and females.  Access to comprehensive recovery programs provides a valuable continuity of care for our clients, their families and the referring professionals. Our facilities in Newport Beach, California and the surrounding beach communities, provide the ideal environment for […]

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Painless Detox-First Step in Rehab

by baladmin | January 15, 2013

The first step in the recovery process for some clients is detox. Detoxification of the drugs and alcohol in a painless and comfortable way is the optimum way to begin a new addiction treatment rehab program at Balboa Horizons. When our patient first arrives, we will assess his or her situation and then begin the […]

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Addiction Treatment for Men in California

by baladmin | September 26, 2012

Designed specifically for men, Balboa Horizons addiction treatment programs offers features beyond what every treatment center does. Our program offers an environment that promotes openness and acceptance and a treatment model that combines the latest in evidence-based addiction medicine and clinical intervention with an immersion in Twelve-Step practices. Balboa Horizons is private, confidential, friendly and professional program comprised […]

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Treating Women Who Abuse Ecstasy

by baladmin | June 20, 2012

Ecstacy Treatment Program for Women at Balboa Horizons Ecstasy is the common street name for a synthetic, psychoactive drug called MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine). MDMA has both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects and produces feelings of euphoria, increased energy and altered reality. Ecstasy is one of many dangerous and habit-forming substances known as “club drugs.” It has long […]

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Addiction Treatment for Young Women

by baladmin | October 12, 2010

Our Newport Beach, California addiction treatment drug rehab center also inspires physical addiction recovery with activities such as yoga, massage therapy, beach volleyball, biking and more. Our gender specific women’s addiction treatment programs include group therapy, individual therapies as well as a core 12 step approach to recovery. Young Adult Women require specific knowledge with […]

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