What To Do About Addiction Cravings

by baladmin | July 21, 2014

Drug cravings are strong memories that are linked to the effect of drugs on the brain’s neurochemistry. The definition of craving is: a powerful desire for something. Neurochemistry is the specific study of neurochemicals, including neurotransmitters and other molecules that influence the function of neurons. This field closely examines how these neurochemicals influence the network […]

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Parent Guide to Addiction

by baladmin | September 3, 2013

Matthew’s parents have been worried about him for a while now. The lifestyle and set of behaviors that Matthew has chosen is not leading him down a good life path, and his parents don’t know what to do. The hardest part was admitting to themselves that their son is an addict. Matthew’s parents had to […]

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Why Balboa for Drug Treatment in California

by baladmin | January 17, 2013

Why Balboa Horizons Balboa Horizons offers the full continuum of gender specific addiction recovery programs for males and females.  Access to comprehensive recovery programs provides a valuable continuity of care for our clients, their families and the referring professionals. Our facilities in Newport Beach, California and the surrounding beach communities, provide the ideal environment for […]

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Balboa Horizons Social Media Interns Wanted!

by baladmin | November 9, 2012

Balboa Horizons specializes in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction along with co-occurring mental health conditions or “Dual Diagnosis.” Our gender-specific programs are entirely comprehensive, allowing for an individualized treatment process that fosters maximum progress and growth. We have the ability to treat clients in every stage of recovery and provided invaluable continuity of […]

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Opiate Addiction on the Rise

by baladmin | October 31, 2012

Opiates are powerfully addictive, both physically and psychologically; the withdrawal process is severe. Symptoms of withdrawal include suicidal ideation, cold sweats, immobility, insomnia, severe diarrhea, abnormal body temperature and heartbeat, and clinical depression. Professional help is needed. Abuse of prescription drugs is rising among American young adults even as use of other drugs seems to […]

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Heroin Treatment Program for Women at Balboa Horizons

by baladmin | May 22, 2012

Heroin Treatment Program for Women at Balboa Horizons Heroin addiction is a rapidly growing problem among women of all ages. Whether she is the successful career woman looking to manage stress, the young adult looking for a good time or the working mother looking to relieve anxiety, many report being drawn to this potent opiate […]

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Recovery Information for Women Only: Addiction Resources for Women

by baladmin | November 29, 2010

Recovery Information for Women Only: Addiction Resources for Women: “ACA or Adult Children of Alcoholics – Adult Children of Alcoholics is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of women and men who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. We meet with each other in a mutually respectful, safe environment and acknowledge our common […]

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Women’s Addiction Treatment Staff at Balboa Horizons

by baladmin | August 20, 2010

The clinical staff at Balboa Horizons stands out as the single most vital resource of the Holistic Healing Program for Women. Our Professionals have been screened and selected for their background and success in the field of women’s addiction, and recovery. Balboa Horizon’s is pleased to present a highly trained and skilled staff that brings […]

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Testimonials Balboa Horizons for Women

by baladmin | July 12, 2010

Paul: I wanted to thank you for your kindness and help. I am honoured and a bit at a loss on how to accept the offer to stay at Balboa without a firm offer of employment. As I do not believe in taking, but honouring to the best of my ability, you and your team. […]

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