Dual Diagnosis: How Treatment Can Help

by baladmin | January 19, 2015

What is a dual diagnosis? A dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder, exists when a person has mental illness issues along with substance abuse problems. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), around 8.9 million adults have co-occurring disorders How is it treated? While medication support can be a useful tool in […]

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What Makes Young Women Prone to Addiction?

by baladmin | August 12, 2014

Women are suffering with drug addiction and alcoholism for reasons significantly different than men. This is why gender specific treatment is the most successful when considering addiction rehabilitation for women. Women Abuse Substances for Different Reasons than Men A 3 year study revealed that girls and young women use addictive substances for reasons different than boys […]

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Affordable Compassionate Rehab for Women

by baladmin | November 8, 2010

Balboa Horizons is the only licensed addiction treatment center in Newport Beach, California. Located on Balboa Island, across the street from the beach, it is the perfect climate, location and treatment for the woman who wants to be restored and embrace healing. With special emphasis treatment modalities for trauma, dual diagnosis, alcoholism and addiction treatment […]

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Lenny Segal – Executive Director at Balboa Horizons

by baladmin | October 12, 2010

Lenny Segal, MSW LMSW Executive Director Lenny Segal is the Executive Director of Balboa Horizons. He has a Masters Degree in clinical social work from Arizona State University, with over 11 years of experience in the addiction field. Lenny has spent the last ten years at the prestigious Cottonwood Tucson treatment program working as a […]

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Newport Beach CA Drug Rehab: Women Only Treatment Center California

by baladmin | February 20, 2010

Newport Beach CA Drug Rehab: Women Only Treatment Center California: “Balboa Horizon’s was created and designed to help women recover from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind. We continually work to reach the unreachable, and show women a new way to live without the aid of drugs or alcohol. It takes courage to […]

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