Do we really need another reality show?

by baladmin | July 7, 2013

Keeping up with Joneses (or the Kardashians) comes in many forms.

With social media and real-time news reports, we know way more than we should about a lot of people. Why? Because they are performers by trade. Our society praises the people who get jobs on TV, in movies, and making music.

We also continue to praise many celebrities when they make bad decisions. For some reason substance abuse is not seen as a problem, it is more of a cool lifestyle. Abuse drugs and alcohol and then check into one of the California rehabs with a beach setting and you’ll be all good.

We see Charlie Sheen, and his followers, live the “Winning!” attitude all while destroying their own bodies, brains, and lives. Lose custody of your kids? No worries, you have goddesses instead.

And what about Lindsay Lohan? She’s been in and out of rehab, and is currently spending 90 days in treatment.

Along with the majority of young people, especially in Los Angeles, Lindsay wanted to be at Coachella, the outdoor music festival held every April. She put off going to rehab for the event this year, and it seems to give other young people the green light to make opportunities for drinking and partying priority over taking care of yourself.

Because of news and Twitter, in particular, we know how Lindsay’s current rehab stint is going. One story that came out is that Lindsay gained 5 pounds in the first two weeks of rehab. This is making headlines! The Betty Ford Center’s treatment team takes Lindsay off Adderall, so she has gained some weight.

What will follow as this report spreads? Will young people also stop abusing drugs like Adderall, or will people think that Lindsay is being too tightly regulated, since Adderall’s use is so prevalent and seemingly acceptable?

The latest news is that Lindsay transferred treatment centers. Was she in fact being exposed to drugs inside the facility as reported, or did she need a California rehab with a beach setting? Does it matter her motive, or can we just be glad that she is making good choices for herself right now?

What should be newsworthy is how Lindsay is doing in her road to recovery. Is she healthy? Is she doing the work that will keep her sober this time?

Maybe Lindsay Lohan will make changes in rehab that set a positive example for other young people. Maybe the simple fact that she’s in rehab will make the members of our society who also abuse alcohol and drugs possibly consider seeking treatment too. And maybe, just maybe, the culture of celebrity as a super-powerful influencer will change, even just a little.

If Lindsay stays sober, will we be keeping up with the Lohans?