Not So Fast, Adderall

by baladmin | July 5, 2013

He was on the path to greatness. Graduated high school with honors and academic achievements, and off to college, then law school.

This bright young mind wanted to experience all that life had to offer. He made friends easily, he excelled at almost everything he tried, and he unintentionally broke a few hearts along the way. This guy was never the cause of concern for his parents, teachers, friends, or even acquaintances.

Everything changed when he started taking Adderall to study. He wanted to fly through college, having some fun, so he could move on to his real passion: practicing law.

The whole plan was put on hold when, in what started as a way to study longer and with greater focus, took on a life of its own. Instead of just for studying purposes, Adderall became an everyday thing, eventually just to get out of bed in the morning. He sought out his own prescription for the drug, which was written quickly because of this young man’s clear desire to perform well in school.

He used his charm to make the psychiatrist believe Adderall was a true necessity, when in reality his brain chemistry never interfered with his ability to focus. When he would run out of Adderall long before the end of the month, and he could not get the bottle refilled for several days, he would seek stimulants elsewhere.

Pretty soon methamphetamine, crystal meth, made its way into his life. “Really?” he thought, “I’m going down this road now?” He questioned the decision, but without Adderall, or a substitute, he was going crazy.

Fast forward a couple months and we find this guy rehab.

This young man is a stimulant addict. He could not stop using, even when sleeping, eating, and studying were impaired. His parents sent him to California to get away from his current life, and the all men’s young adult treatment program was where he stayed for a while.

Drug rehab for young adult men helped this guy see why he was attracted to stimulants, and why his use and then abuse of Adderall lead to a full-blown addiction to any stimulant.

His dreams of being a successful lawyer are not out of reach. He still plans on finishing college while living in a sober house, and he is certainly smart enough for law school acceptance, but without going to a California men’s young adult drug rehab program, who knows where this young man would be now.

He must now make the decision not to use each and every day. Even if his sober life includes being an attorney, his days will need to also focus on his recovery.