California Addiction Treatment

by baladmin | April 5, 2018

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in California

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment in California is an amazing and unique experience. The Golden State offers the perfect climate and sunshine all year round with a few days here and there of precipitation. Recovery in California for drugs and alcohol is even more unique, because it incorporates the beauty and accessibility of the coast into modalities of treatment options.

Change Your Life and Recover in California

Going to an alcohol and drug addiction treatment in California can be exciting, fun, educational and life-changing. Among the many benefits to life in California is the activities that an individual can do within a short distance from treatment. Balboa Horizons in California offers treatment to individuals who like are inclined to participate in outdoor activities. We offer yoga, gong therapy, surf therapy, nature hikes, beach outings and many more recreational activities in the safety of a treatment environment.

California Surf Scene In Recovery

While the pristine beaches may not be your scene Balboa also has other activities like basketball, skateboarding, bicycle riding and other fun activities. So if you don’t surf, don’t worry about it, we have something for you. California Loves Recovery With around the clock twelve step meetings California is a great place to establish your recovery foundation. Balboa Horizons encourages each client to participate in their recovery by actively working the twelve steps and finding a sponsor. If that deters you, don’t let it, we also offer Smart Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery to those not interested in the twelve step model.

California Drug and Alcohol Program

Balboa Horizons has been providing world-class residential substance abuse treatment for over 14 years. If our experience can help you please call us today to schedule an assessment for you or your loved one. Alcoholism and drug addiction is tough don’t make the decision to get help stand of the way from you getting the help you deserve. Call us now 866-316-4012