The Best Thing To Do When Things Fall Apart

by Balboa Horizons | July 20, 2016

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction have a way of getting themselves in overwhelming situations, i.e. without a home, needing a job or in jail. Losing friendships and relationships can also be overwhelming experiences. Whether you are experiencing these things or feeling overwhelmed by someone that is, there is one thing you can do that can drastically help things improve: STAY CALM.

When we see an alarming situation take place like the loss of our home or a job it’s common to react dramatically and make quick decisions to remedy the problem. However, acting out of a place of fear and anxiety often results in poor decision making.

So, how then does one remain calm when the world around them is falling apart? Here are a few tips:

Perspective – No matter what happened, gently remind yourself that you did not fall off of planet Earth. All of your limbs are still intact and you are in fact still safe. When there is a stressor present the body reacts as if it is physically threatened. This makes our heart pump faster and our mind race. Consciously telling yourself, “I am safe” can relax the body on a subconscious level restoring a calm equilibrium.

Rest – Before you try to solve the problem take a nap, a bath or meditate. When we’re stressed and tired we don’t have the physical energy in order to think properly and make wise choices. When you’re rested you can carefully think through the scenario, what went wrong and how to fix it.

Reach out – Once you have composed yourself reach out to a sponsor, close  friend or therapist and talk through what is happening. Speaking with someone else that is level headed and calm will help keep you balanced as well. Talking through the problem and how to address it will get you to a mindful answer.


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