10 Reasons to Consider a Long Term Drug Rehab

by baladmin | November 21, 2014

Long term drug Rehab Consistently Yields Better Results

Recovery is a program of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. For many individuals who began using drugs and alcohol around the age of 13-15, their intellectual and emotional growth is interrupted. Transformation takes time, and like the addiction, does not happen overnight.

When clinically appropriate, we see better outcomes with long term care for many reasons. Neurologically and biologically, it takes time for the brain to heal from the effects of addiction. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome can persist for up to a year with some clients. It is important to have added support while clients go through this transitional process.

10 Reasons Why a Long Term Drug Rehab Is Important

1. Individuals need time to correct and experience the correction of family boundaries and addictive behaviors.

2. If a person averages a completion of one step per month, it takes 12 months to complete the steps.

3. Since addiction is a long term disease, a long term drug rehab will give clients a foundation to maintain sobriety over time.

4. Individuals need time to recognize they are changing.

5. Tools are not just given, but must be practiced also.

6. Establishing and repairing relationships takes time.

7. Individuals in recovery must have time to learn new habits and eliminate destructive habits.

8. As people in recovery get better, denial returns because the pain of addiction begins to fade.

9. Other related processes in recovery, such as budgeting and education, take time to establish.

10. A long term drug rehab allows time for potential redirection from relapse triggers, which don’t always present themselves immediately; they can emerge later on. Therefore it is important to give clients time to experience these triggers while still being supported.

 Balboa Horizons OFfers Phases of Treatment To help Clients Transition

At Balboa Horizons, each client is provided with an individualized treatment plan that will be best suited to fit his or her needs. We understand the importance of a long term drug rehab and offer residential inpatient programs for men and women, an intensive outpatient program, and alumni support to help transiton clients and assist them in living productive, fulfilling lives. We assist clients as they transition back into work or school and offer support through this process.

To find out more about our treatment programs, call Balboa Horizons: 1-866-316-4012