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by baladmin | July 27, 2012

Jean M. Campbell, LCSW,

Balboa Horizons was proud to host an Intermediate Psychodramatic Bodywork Workshop for Mental Health Professionals facilitated by Jean Campbell, LCSW, CET III, TEP over the weekend. Balboa Horizons’ new outpatient facility in Costa Mesa was the perfect environment for the amazing work that transpired with the help of Jean Campbell and her talented assistants.

The Intermediate Psychodramatic Bodywork workshop combines two forms of psychotherapy: bodywork and psychodrama. The bodywork involves safe touch to help individuals connect with the messages that are held in the body as pain, numbness and/or illness. In psychodrama, blocked spontaneity from earlier traumas is unblocked and re-integrated through dramatic action methods.

Balboa Horizons will be home to several more training’s by Jean Campbell throughout 2012 and 2013. If you would like more information about these training’s and corresponding dates please contact us!