Balboa Horizons is Hiring: Support Staff

by baladmin | December 15, 2015

Balboa Horizons loves its clients and its team. Our support staff members play a large role in the addiction recovery of our clients. They are with them 24/7, supporting them through the highs and lows of addiction recovery. Serving in the treatment field requires balance of clinical expertise, inner strength and compassion. If you think you would make a good asset to our team please read the job description below.

POSITION: Support Staff

DEPARTMENT: Operations

SUPERVISOR: Director of Operations/Support Staff Supervisor

CASE STATUS: Non-exempt

DUTIES: Assists the clinical staff with the treatment program and acts as liaison to the client community, ensures adherence to rules governing treatment and attendance at all scheduled events and appointments. In compliance with residential program rules and guidelines, supervises clients.

QUALIFICATIONS: A high school diploma or GED preferred; college-level coursework in health or social services field preferred. Prior experience in group home or behavioral health facility preferred. Previous experience in substance abuse treatment program preferred if in recovery, must have 1+ years of sobriety. Must be able to pass background check and have good driving record.


    1. Assist in transporting, admitting and orienting new clients.
    1. Search incoming client’s luggage, remove unauthorized items and store it for evaluation by the Support Staff Supervisor/Program Director, deliver luggage to assigned room.
    1. Assist in explaining expectations, rules policies and procedures to clients.
    1. Ensure clients attend all scheduled sessions throughout the day and evening, facilitate clients getting to meetings: doctor’s, therapy and outside appointments each shift.
    1. Assist clinical team with facilitating groups, giving assignments to clients.
    1. Assist monitoring clients’ self-administration of medication as scheduled to ensure clients take medication as prescribed, and document.
    1. Oversee client use of telephones.
    1. Monitor visitations.
    1. Drive van as necessary to transport clients, pick-up medications and /or materials. Otherwise, must be on site for entire shift.
    1. Observe clients during specimen collection for drug testing according to protocols.
    1. Perform daily scheduled rounds of the building and grounds, assures clients are in assigned buildings at all times including hourly bed-checks on the 11-7:30am shift.
    1. Observe and supervise clients and the physical grounds to assure client safety and security; perform room checks/bed checks and facilitate double scrub; pick up trash around the facility, assign chores to all clients and follow up to make sure all chores are completed.
    1. Monitor all clients when on outings and review receipts to ensure clients are making appropriate purchases.
    1. Assist clinical staff in crisis prevention and/or crisis intervention, resolving client conflicts as needed; assist in supervising client fire drills, emergencies, or disasters.
    1. Maintain client log by reading and signing log book during shift (check in/check out, drug testing, and medication logs), make notes as appropriate and provides input during staff meetings.
    1. Attend all in-services trainings as required.
    1. Ensure resident safety and security by monitoring clients and security cameras.
    1. Document, log and report as necessary and significant incidents involving resident care and safety.
    1. Comply with all facility policies, procedures, rules, regulations and protocols.
    1. Keep work area clean and neat.
    1. Assist Clinical staff as necessary.
  1. Perform other duties as assigned.


    1. Ability to enforce policies and procedures in a fair and firm manner.
    1. Ability to write legible, concise notes.
    1. Skill in dealing with colleagues as a team member and interacting well with others.
    1. Ability to operate motor vehicles. Must have a valid California driver’s license, and be approved through MVR to drive vehicles.
    1. Knowledge of 12-step support groups and principles.
    1. Knowledge of pharmacology related to chemical dependency and its’ treatment.
    1. Ability to speak English clearly and give and follow simple instructions.
    1. Ability to recognize the importance of adapting to the various ethnic groups.
    1. Skill in communicating effectively, both orally and in writing.
    1. Monitoring and reporting clients with health related conditions and maintenance of Infection Control policies and protocols.
    1. Ability to adhere to safety policies and procedures.
    1. Ability to use good judgement and maintain confidentiality of information and maintain and enforce professional boundaries when interacting with clients and other staff members.
    1. Skill and ability to demonstrate tact, resourcefulness, patience, and dedication.
    1. Ability to accept direction and adhere to policies and procedures.
  1. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Light work, sitting, writing, walking, bending, lifting and carrying items weighing up to 40 pounds, climbing and descending stairs. Reasonable accommodations may be made to disabled persons upon request.


    1. Telephone
    1. Copy/Fax machine
    1. Blood pressure cuff
  1. Motor Vehicle

TO APPLY: Please email a cover letter and resume to, Flora Felix at