Balboa Horizons Opens New Programs for Men

by baladmin | August 1, 2012

Since taking the reigns at Balboa Horizons for Women in 2008, Paul Moen, CEO, has believed that his premiere treatment center should extend its services to provide gender-specific care to both women and men. His dream is finally becoming a reality with the opening of Balboa Horizons for Men.

Based on the success of the small, gender-specific women’s programs, Moen plans to keep the new programs small and gender-specific as well.  “This expansion is not about getting bigger, it’s simply about making sure that our quality addiction treatment is available to everyone,” he explains.  And Moen is taking extreme care to ensure that the programs are indeed exceptional, immersing himself in every detail from daily scheduling to facility decor.  He has assembled what he refers to as “the A-Team” of treatment professionals, support staff and therapists to run the programs, making time to interview each candidate personally.

The new men’s programs incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities, a core 12-step approach and elements proven important to clients and their families, including:
  • Quality clinical services
  • Experienced multidisciplinary staff
  • Comprehensive continuum of care
  • Family involvement in treatment
  • Recovery support and relapse prevention
Balboa Horizons is not your average treatment center, largely because Paul Moen is not your average CEO.  A 20-year veteran of the recovery community, Moen incorporates the principles of his personal recovery into his professional role.  He values integrity, earning a reputation among his peers as an honest and reliable treatment professional.  Never content to stay behind the scenes, Moen remains involved in every aspect of treatment at Balboa Horizons, working hands-on to ensure that his company delivers a product he believes in.
Moen explains what drives him to continually optimize the program at Balboa Horizons, saying, “None of this is about me or my ambition, it is about my responsibility to the individuals who have come to me for help.  For some, this may be their only chance.  I work hard to make Balboa Horizons a program that I am proud to put my name on, not at all because my reputation is on the line, but because their lives are on the line.”  To learn more about Balboa Horizons’ new programs for men, please call