Annual Deaths From Opiates are Increasing Across the US

by baladmin | June 3, 2013

“This is your soccer mom and your 48-year-old lawyer and your 58-year-old HOA [homeowner association] member. This is not your homeless heroin addict that we’re talking about.” Dr. Jeremy Dubin, a doctor at Healing Arts Family Medicine says to stress the severity of our growing opiate problem.

Annual deaths from opiates are increasing across the United States. Would you believe by 400%? With the high prevalence of use, it’s alarming, but no wonder the numbers are up.

Do you know someone who uses a prescription opiate for everyday functioning? Chances are you do, and if you don’t, then is it you?

OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and Opana fall into that category. Opiates kill pain, but also kill other aspects of your life without much warning.

The soccer mom who wants to unwind at night may be given an opiate, or find one without a doctor’s prescription, to relax. After a while, she is taking that pill earlier and earlier in the day, until eventually she’s relying on that pill to get her through each day. What are the real-life consequences of a mother who is addicted to a prescription opiate?

The lawyer working under intense pressure on high-profile or highly-lucrative cases needs a way to take the edge off. Alcohol is not as appealing to him as a pill he can swallow that takes all his pain away. He is able to take some personal relaxation time in the evening and get some sleep at night, but what are the real-life consequences of an attorney who is addicted to a prescription opiate?

And what about the middle-aged member of your homeowner’s association? He or she shows up for meetings and seems like an active part of the community. Little do you know, until the cause of his or her death is opiate overdose, your neighbor was addicted to prescription opiates for years upon years.

Opiate abuse quickly escalates to opiate addiction, and overdose deaths the result. 400%. Annual deaths from opiates are increasing by 400% in the U.S.

Treatment centers like Balboa Horizons are trying to do something about it. With opiate-specific rehab programs, those addicted to a certain type of feeling can be helped appropriately. In a room of peers, wanting the same pain relief that you want, you are not alone. You can share your experiences and be understood by those in the room. A trained treatment team knows what opiate addiction has done to you and your life.

Balboa Horizons is a safe place for you to start the process of recovery instead of being a part of the rising number of annual deaths from opiates.