Addiction is Self Centered

by baladmin | February 10, 2014

Addiction is self centered, and this is one behavior pattern we continue to see in those who embark on a recovery program. The good news is that overtime addicts and alcoholics change and become people who are more aware and sensitive to their fellow man.

Most addicts and alcoholics initially do not feel they are self centered or self involved. If you ask they will be happy to tell you about all the reasons they have to support their drinking or use of drugs. The reasons are typically the same and ultimately include statements like: you would use too if you were me, or no one has the problems in life that I do, etc.

When someone is drinking alcohol or using drugs they are usually concerned with how they feel, and not worried about those around them. As a result of this selfish behavior relationships tend to suffer the most in the addict or alcoholics’ life.

Often times when the addict or alcoholic finally does decide to get help they find they have burned most of the bridges in their life. Recovery then includes mending and repairing those broken relationships.

One of the corner stone attributes of the 12 step programs is one addict or alcoholic helping another addict or alcoholic. The fellowship aspect of recovery is one of the strongest attributes to a successful recovery program. People who were once only concerned with their own thoughts and ideas, now are open and freely give their time and support to others battling the same addictions.

Former addicts and alcoholics find an exciting new world opens up when the focus is taken off of themselves and placed on another who needs help.

Where they were once lonely and self absorbed, their world is now filled with great and significant relationships that will stand the test of time. They care about others and others care about them. This is one of the many promises of recovery. Call Balboa Horizons today for more information: 1 (866) 316-4012