Young Adults & Addiction to Pain Meds

by baladmin | January 17, 2014

Young Adults Increase Pain Med Use

Addiction to pain pills has seriously increased among young adults over the last five years. The abuse of Oxycontin and other Opiates has resulted in many  young adult visits to the hospital emergency room in addition to untimely deaths. Pain pills are the more popular drug among young people today.

Pain Med Clinics

Oxycontin is the number one abused drug in the country.  Right behind that is Percocet and Vicodin. Forty percent of outpatient visits to medical clinics today are for the complaint of pain. At present about 100 million Americans are using pain pills for chronic pain, those suffering with diabetes  –  25.8 million and 30 million for heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Signs of Pain Med Addiction

The signs of opiate addiction are headache, menstrual cramps, lingering pain, social withdrawal, change in personality, diminished daily grooming habits, blackouts and forgetfulness.

How Pain Meds are Abused

Many young adults ingest pain meds by chewing them, but some are chopping them up into powder and then snorting or injecting them for the Opiate high. Many pain meds are manufactured with a time release element which is destroyed once the pill is ingested in a powder form. This is one reason that Opiate abuse can be so fatal.


When a young adult’s tolerance to Opiates has increased and they no longer give the desired effect, some young adults will turn to street drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Over 150 million people in America use and abuse pain medication.

Getting Help for Pain Med Addiction

When do you get help for pain pill addiction before it’s too late? It’s never too late. Addiction treatment is available at Balboa Horizons, and we specialize in the treatment of opiate addiction among the young adult population. Opiate pills are a dangerous addiction and can be fatal without proper treatment. Contact us today if you or someone you love is suffering from pain med addiction. We are here to help.